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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Book Blog: Cinder

American/Canadian Cover
Rating: 4 Stars
Yay! My first book blog! I started reading this book on Monday and found is extremely interesting. You can see the cover of the copy of the book that I have on the right.

So, I'm pretty sure that this is old news (like, totally last year, right?), but I've noticed several different covers for this book. After I got my hands on Cinder, I began doing searches online for background information about this book. While doing this, I happened to stumble upon Marissa Meyer's web page. And let me be the first (or last, I don't know) to say that her website background is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! The whole digital artistic element of it made me get all weepy inside. I love it when I see these super creative images that people make, maybe because I inspire to make something like that some day.

Spanish Cover
Ahem. I'm getting off track.

I began by clicking on the first few tabs, just to see what Meyer's is up to. But I lost interest in the first thirty seconds and just skipped to the one labeled "Extras", because everyone knows that's where all the good stuff is at. 

Catalan Cover
And, that's when I make my discovery. Not one, not two, but three foreign covers! It was amazing how different each one had a different style. I might not be the most worldly person, but I'd like to think that the covers showed off different cultures of each region. The Spanish and Italian covers look VERY different, but the Catalan cover is almost exactly like the United States/Canadian cover. Almost. 
Sure, there were defiantly background differences; the Catalan one has a darker background than the American one. But the biggest difference of all was the shoe color. When I first saw the original cover, I thought, "Oh, how nice! Another version of the Cinderella story. And look! It's that ruby glass slipper that she loses at the ball!" But then, I knew that wasn't right. Cinderella's slippers were glass, of course, but I knew they weren't red in the Disney version. This fact continued to nag me in the back of my head.

I kinda forgot about it, thinking that it was just something to draw the eye to. And then I see this Catalan cover to see a bluish glass slipper in place of the red one. What I want to know is why they made a different cover for them, but not for those in North America.  Or may I have it backwards. I don't know.

Italian Cover

I'm not exactly sure which one that I like more; the one that is "correct" or the one that looks "better". The Catalan one seems to have more artistic elements to it (the light glinting off the shoe was what really stood out to me), but the red contrasts well with the blackish background and grayish-white title. But, that's just me ranting. The Spanish and Italian covers are very beautiful, but I've hardly mentioned them at all! Did you know that the Spanish cover was an image of a doll? When I saw it on Google, it really creeped me out. I think it's eyes are watching me...O_O. But at least it explained the weird looking legs. I know that it's supposed to look somewhat mechanical, but the joints looked really odd to me.

I don't really have that much to say about the Italian cover. The way the girl is dressed is very unique to me. I suspect that it's some sort of style that's common in Italy...?

I'm not really sure which one I like the best out of the four of them. For now, I suppose I like the cover that I have, the American/Canadian cover

Which cover do you like the best?

Now, before I conclude this blog post, I have one last thing I'd like to mention. Some of you Cinder fans might have heard of it.

Scarlet, the sequel of Cinder came out yesterday, February 5, 2013. I really want to read it, but I have to finish Cinder first, of course. Has anyone finished it yet? I've heard that some people have, which I think is really crazy. Even myself, an avid reader, can't read a book in less than a day on a business day.  Maybe on a weekend. 

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