I've Moved!

As of July 3, 2013, I have changed blog location! You can now find me blogging on my new blog, The Giant Pencil. Click the link below to view.



About Emma

Emma Reader has an account on Wattpad and Goodreads where she meets with other book lovers around the world. In January of 2013, she began blogging and have been ever since.

Instagram: @theemmareader

About Blog

As of March 17, 2013, all posts will be sorted into three categories. They are as follows:

  • Book Blogs
Pretty self-explanitory. Blogs about books.

My book blogs will ALWAYS contain spoilers. Some may spoil more than others, but still, reader beware!
  • Booked Dates
Any dates/holidays.
  • Footnotes
Just random stuff. Notes. All that.

All original images used on this blog belong to their respective owners.


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