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Friday, June 28, 2013

Footnotes: An Update

I feel like a footnote was overdue, so here I am!

This blog has officially reached 1,000 views! I'm so happy! I never thought I'd make it this far. But...then I realized that I'm going to be opening my new blog soon and I kinda got a little sad. 

So, speaking of my other blog, it's almost complete! If you guys have tried to find it, you can't. Not yet, anyway. I have it set so that only the author can see it (I'd be so ashamed if anyone saw my blog incomplete!). But I have already transferred over my book blogs and starting on the footnotes (excluding ones like these; I don't want you guys to get confused).

So, yeah, I think that's it for now. I'll be posting my book blog on White Fang very, very shortly!

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