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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Footnotes: Pie in the Sky

I don't know why in the world I said that thing about lava lamps in my previous post. I don't even LIKE lava lamps that much (it won't let me touch its round blobs of color!).

But what I really like?


Hostess Pudding Pie was actually the first chocolate pie that I've ever had. I had woken up one morning, drool streaking my face, and stumbled into the kitchen to find one of those beauties sitting on the table. So, not completely acknowledging exactly what I was eating, I tore open the package and stuck the whole thing in my mouth.

And, oh my gosh, I thought I died right on the spot!

Of course, I love everything chocolate, but chocolate and PIE?! That's too good to be true.

Apple pie, cherry pie, pumpkin pie; you name it! There's nothing NOT to love about these healthy (hey, apples are fruits, fruits are healthy, so fruit pies must be healthy, right?) delicious deserts. And eating healthy makes me feel good, so why not eat pie?

But is chocolate pie healthy? Here's my reasoning. Although milk chocolate isn't the healthiest thing in the world, dark chocolate is. I heard that its suppose to help your heart or something, which is good. We've already established that pies are healthy. So if you make a dark chocolate pie (and I'm talking about dark chocolate in a pie, not a burnt chocolate pie), then you have yourself a healthy chocolate pie!

Yeah, you all know that I'm kidding myself. Despite the word "apple" or "cherry" in a pie name, pies aren't that healthy. And what's to blame? The crust! If only we could eat pie without that crust...*sigh*. But don't loose hope, fellow pie lovers! If anything, eat less of the crust and more filling!

So, the lesson of the day? EAT CHOCOLATE PIE!!!

Night everyone!


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