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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Booked Dates: Easter Sunday!

Happy Easter!!!
Do you like the picture? It's not mine, unfortunately. I just did a search on "Happy Easter" and it came up. But it's cute nonetheless, no? I wish I could claim it as my own, but I'm not blessed with creativity and photography skills like some people.

Any, once again, Happy Easter! Easter is, like St. Patrick's Day, a religious holiday. It's funny because more people know that Easter is a religious holiday, but very few people know the same about our favorite Irish holiday.

Easter to me seems very similar to Halloween. You get a whole bunch of candy and stuff for both holidays and you use baskets to hold it all. But, then again, there are a lot of did fences between the two. During Halloween, everyone dresses up and wanders around at night to get candy from strangers while during Easter, you (usually) hunt around the yard/park/house for eggs during the day without knowing if your actually going to get candy or not (unless your hunting with REAL eggs).

When I was a kid, we would always hide plastic eggs around the house (hey, it's a lot cleaner than crawling through the mud!) and fill them with candy. I really never saw the point in looking for real eggs; I don't even LIKE the taste of eggs. See, with plastic ones, I always get something that I like; gummy worms, chocolate, nothing...(when we ran out of stuff to put in the eggs because I ate too much of it XD) 

Painting eggs is a paint too. I would always stain my shirt :( Not fun. 

Easter, I think, is turning into a commercial holiday. But, hey, if I get a day off for it, I'm not complaining! 

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