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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Book Blog: Grave Mercy

I'm going to keep this review short. Just cause.

Look at this beautiful cover! For once someone got it right. They made the girl wear a RED dress (draws the eye to it, no?)!  And everything else is nice to. It's a very good looking cover, if anyone cares about my opinion.

Now, I picked up this book based on the cover, something that I rarely ever do. But I thought, "A picture says a thousand words, right? So I can probably look at the cover and figure out what the story's about WITHOUT EVEN READ THE BACK!" I thought that this book was about a girl of higher class, maybe a princess or a lady (I did know that this is a historical fiction), and that she was going to be doing some kinda fight (see weapon).

Remind me to never, ever, do that again. I think that not knowing what the book was about resulted in me not liking that book. If I knew it was going to be some romance-y nun novel, I probably would never have picked it up. To cliché for my liking (besides the nun part, of course).

I open the book and read the first chapter. So far so good. She's being forced into a marriage, nothing uncommon about that. But then, all of a sudden, BLAM! Suddenly she's part of some convent that serves Death like he's their God.
And then she's got to meet some super hot guy who he hates, but is so OBVIOUSLY going o fall in love with (which SPOILER ALERT she does). 

That's another thing I don't like about this book, the characters. I felt like there wasn't enough description, especially for our dear protagonist. 99.99% of the time, I couldn't remember her name!

But I'm going to stop ranting now because I really don't want to have to think about it anymore. Don't read it.

Rating: 1.25 Stars

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