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Monday, April 1, 2013

Booked Dates: April Fool's Day

I wasn't actually sure which category I should put this post under. When I was forming this post in my mind earlier in the day, I had planned for it to be a Footnote. But then I realized what day it was today; April Fool's Day.

This is what got me; is April Fool's Day considered a holiday? Or is it just a special title given to the first of April for no reason in particular. But then I thought, "Well, that would be stupid if a day in April was pronounced a day for pranks and jokes for no reason at all! Everything has a reason even if it's just a 'Because I felt like it' reason!" So what does this mean? I had to look it up!

I'm pretty sure that April Fool's Day isn't a religious holiday, thank goodness. For a while there, I thought all of the holidays that I celebrated had religious origins (not that there's anything wrong with the origins being from a religion, but variety is the spice of life). It's kinda of funny to me that I'm writing another Booked Date blog so soon, the day after Easter!

But I was going to talk about something else, except I forgot. So, instead, I'm going to post a few pictures I found of April Fool's Day jokes.

A fake crash

Pretty self-explanatory

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