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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Book Blog: The Elite by Kiera Cass


Okay, maybe not the America your thinking of. I'm talking about America in the book pictured at left. Yes, that one.

Speaking of that book...it's kind of ugly. The girl is alright, but the dress, well, there's something terribly, terribly wrong with it. Ew.

I've got a lot to say about the content, so I'm sorry if it gets all out of order.


For those of you who have read this book, do you remember the Halloween party that America and Maxon brilliantly thought up? Yeah, maybe it wasn't so brilliant. I mean, what are they thinking? "Oh, let's have a Halloween party and spend loads of money on nonsense while poor people starve!" The prince shouldn't be wasting money on that, especially if it's not a live tradition!

And why was America wearing a butterfly costume? I thought she and her maids were fond of those bird costumes. Do you know what I think? I think America didn't want to wear the same thing as Celeste. C'mon, man up America!

Speaking of America, did I mention how much I hate her? Some how, she comes up with all the "great ideas." They don't seem very great to me. And she's really funny, right?
"'It seems you've fully recovered from me nearly running you over,' he joked. 
'It's a shame you didn't do any damage,' I shot back. 'If I was in a splint, I wouldn't have to dance at least,' He laughed.
'I'm glad you're as funny as everyone says you are...'" -The Elite, page 71
Yeah, that wasn't very funny.

It also seems like America's ALWAYS PMSing or something. I mean, she tries to pick fights with other girls. Like, for example, she was talking to someone (I forgot who) about her friend's punishment, and the other girls were saying that the punishment was justified, blah, blah, blah. But then America has a stick up her butt and has to make sure everyone knows that she's a "big, tough, Five" and that no one else would choose to be canned over death because it would be "too painful". She's pressing her opinion on other people!!! Just because someone might not do well with the punishment canning, it doesn't mean that she can assume that it would be better that the person DIES.

And what IS this big deal about being a five? It's not THAT big of a deal. Let's look at a number line:

Beautiful number line, right? Anyway, here we have a number line 1 through 8. Our crybaby lovely protagonist is a five, which is circled in red on our line. You'll notice (if any of you can count) that 5 is just after 4, which is your average joe. The average joe is probably going to be pretty well off, not to rich, not too poor. So a 5 is probably going to be a little poor, but not that bad off. So America goes marching around the castle, stomping her foot and saying how she is more worldly because she was a five and all that, well that's just a bunch of poo. If she was a 7/8 or even a 6, I might believe her. But not when she close to a 4, no way.

Okay, enough about stupid  America. Let's talk realism. The magazine article doesn't read like a real magazine article AT ALL. And the fights between characters didn't have enough emotion in them. It's one of those "oh, here they go again" kind of fights. This includes ALL fights, from cat fights to the north/south raids. I think America should have gotten stuck outside more often instead of huddling in the safe room moping and kissing and stuff. Maybe she should have gotten stabbed too.

I sympathize with Celeste. I think there's actually more to her. Y'know, more background and stuff that no one actually sees.

Ugh. The ending! Why can't America go home like a normal person!!! Stupid book. And to think that I actually LIKED The Selection!

Rating: 1 Star

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