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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Book Blog: A Solider's Heart by Gary Paulsen

I didn't read this book in a very critical sense, just for fun.

It wasn't a fun book.

There were some pretty crazy details about what happens to the soliders when they're in battle (and even after that). It's pretty amazing. But I was so sad at the end!


This review is really short for two reasons; it's based off a true story and I can't even remember half of it.

I read while I was reading a whole bunch of other books, so I can't quiet remember what happened in the very beginning. But I do remember some of my favorite detailed scenes.

One of them was when Charley (our protagonist) drank some water that was dyed red from the blood in the dead bodies. Another was when Paulsen said there was a pile of amputated limbs stacked in a pile. And when Charley had to stack the bodies of the dead to form a wind barrier.

But, it's too short.

Rating: 4 Stars

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