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Monday, May 6, 2013

Book Blog: Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

Yay! I finally got the sequel!

The cover isn't as stunning as Cinder. I wish there was just the cape/red hood on the cover and not that little hint of...person.

The content had the same wow factor as the cover. It's not awful, but its not fantastic either. I wouldn't score it higher than Cinder's rating (4 stars).

Prince, ahem, I mean Emperor Kai is as annoying as ever. It's obvious that Kai has some sort of (positive) feelings for Cinder. Wolf, a new male character in Scarlet, is a bit of an improvement. More the action-y type, y'know?

In contrast to Wolf, Thorne is so...dumb. I can't believe he couldn't put two and two together and figure out that Cinder might be, just might be, the princess. But it didn't even seem to cross his mind!

You know what I thought was really, really cheesy? The Wolf and Scarlet romance. It was near the end was Wolf is all like "Be my alpha female!" It made me sick. Even so, I wish there was a lot less of Cinder. I mean, this is Scarlet's book! Cinder needs to butt out. I get that Meyer wants to inform the reader about what Cinder is doing, but she could have done that through new feeds and what not. Just a little hint of Cinder. And then all the characters could have met up at the end.

So, like I said, Scarlet was nothing special. But I did think that the relationship in between Scarlet and the original Little Red Ridding Hood story were clever. So I'll give it...3 and 3/4 stars.

Rating: 3 3/4 Stars

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