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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Book Blog: Forge by Laurie Halse Anderson

...I think this is one of the only times I've read a 200+ page book in a day. Not that it's at all healthy; I keep seeing words all over the place. Maybe I should stop reading books for today.

Nah. I want to finish The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

So. You're probably wondering why I started reading this when I was already reading another book. Well, settle down children and I'll tell you.

I have this friend who's a really, REALLY slow reader (no offense or anything. It's just the truth). Anyway, he happened to be reading this book. And THIS book just so happens to be the sequel to Chains (if I ever reread that book, I'll post a review on it). At the time when he first started reading, I wasn't as interested as I should have. I was probably reading a really go book or something. But three weeks came and went and he was STILL reading the book. So I borrowed (*cough*stole*cough*) the book from he for a little bit and read the first thirty ages or so. But I STILL wasn't interested. It wasn't until my friend practically spoiled the whole book that I decided to check it out of the library this morning. And to force myself to get through it, I made it my personal goal to finish it before him. Which I think I did.

Onto the review.

I like the simplicity of the cover! The style is very much like Chains's cover (but I think I like that one better).  But I really wish the title was BIGGER!!!

The writing style was alright. It really brought me back to that period, y'know? I would rather read medieval stuff more, though, so you can imagine that is was my cup of tea. Speaking of tea, I love all the food they talked about. It's my favorite part of the book, as it is for most books. It kinda reminds me of the latest Black Butler I read (number five). Its main focus was curry and OH MY GOSH I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE OF HUNGER IT LOOKED SO GOOD!!! Ahem. Anyway, even that firecake sounded good. But the best part was when they ate the beans. When I read, "Instead of sleeping, we farted all night long..." I almost burst out laughing because ITS SO TRUE!!! A relatable experience, I must say.

I actually think (for the first time) that I like this book, the sequel, better than the first book. That doesn't usually happen, but I guess it just did. So, I'll go ahead and give it the highest rating I can.

Rating: 5 stars

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